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Since The Super Bowl is less than a month away, I figured
we should pay homage to the unsung heros of the game. Yes my friend,
I’m talking about the cheerleaders. Fuck yeah! I’m not sure
what the purpose of a cheerleader is, but I know I like
what they do. They dance, bend over, and yell shit. Awesome.

Several NFL teams don’t provide their loyal fan base
with cheerleaders. Soulless fucks! Here are the cities
and the reasons why.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Fuck Pittsburgh, that’s why.
Green Bay Packers – Hard nipples.
Chicago Bears – More hard nipples.
Cleveland Browns – There’s no attractive woman in Cleveland.
New York Giants – Eli farted.
Detroit Lions – Nobody goes to a Lions game. Not even the players.

Cheerleaders are normal people just like you and me.
The only difference is they’re smoking hot and get payed
once a week for it.

Now that my friends, is what I like to call Sports Sexy. Tip your hats

Super Bowl XLV prediction:
Packers 24 – Steelers 17

Fuck you Cro-mag Roethlisberger!


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