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Great Inventions: Sweatpants with cargo pockets

Superhero Sweatpants

Overall, I’m a pretty fucking lazy person. Not many people are
willing to admit this about themselves but I  will. If you know me
personally, you are well aware of my unbecoming personality and
my shameless approach to almost everything I do. That’s just how I was wired.
Due to my laziness and shameless attitude, I have no choice on
whether or not I should wear sweatpants. I almost have to. The only
problem is, I have a tendency to carry around an excessive amount of shit
in my pockets. This includes beer bottle caps, 11 cigarette lighters,
small woodland creatures, and the cigarettes themselves. That’s a lot
of shit. So you would clearly understand the joy that overcame my soul
when I found out they added cargo pockets to sweatpants. Ho-ly fuck!
This combination is fifty times better than mixing peanut butter and
chocolate. Sweatpants, in my eyes, are borderline high fashion.
The thought of combining them with the versatility of cargo pockets
is an absolute mind fuck. I love these things. If your Carl from ATHF or
that smoking hot college chick who’s only going to the store to get an
Arnold Palmer Arizona ice tea, these are for you.


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