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Mogwai Meat: Chicken

Do your chicken dishes lack zazz? If so, allow me to help.
Here are some simple ingredients that can use to give your
poultry more flair.

Chips – Chips are good on their own, but when
combined with the greatness of chicken you have
a piece of fucking heaven. The next time you
have fuckloads of chicken and you don’t know what
to do with it, bread that shit in some Doritos or
Sun Chips. Holy-ass fuck! Cool ranch and Harvest
cheddar chicken! Sign my ass up.

Cereal – Have you ever had Boo-Berry flavored chicken?
I sure as shit haven’t, but I’d be willing to bet
my most valuable possessions that it would be tasty as fuck.
Tired of that bland Corn Flake taste? Use Frosted Flakes instead dummy.
Captain Crunch always makes for a nice breading.
How about Fruity Pebbles chicken? Fruity Pebbles are
easily in the top 5 of greatest cereals of all time.
Chicken meeting Fruity Pebbles would most
certainly be the most visually appealing dish at your next
4th of July shindig.
Best served with lots of pot.

Corn Dog Batter – Corn dogs are incredible.
In fact, any meat on stick is incredible. You don’t
require any plates, utensils, or napkins. The only
thing that separates you from you dinner is that nifty
wooden handle. Think back to every time you’ve gone to a Chinese
restaurant and have eaten the beef teriyaki on the wooden
skewers. Fucking awesome right? For each stick you eat, you
have a super-sized tooth pick to scrape out all that excess
ally cat that has built up between your teeth.
The next time you make chicken, impale its ass with a skewer.
Then dredge it in flour, drown it in batter, and deep fry that shit.
Best served with beer.


Mogwai Meat: Stuffed Cabbage

No time for Grabby-ass, its after midnight and I’m Fucking hungry.


I despise cabbage. The thought of it reminds me of changing a newborn
infants soiled diaper. Everything about it is foul.
The word alone is often used to describe something shitty,
like a wet fart or unpleasant female genitalia.
IT IS FUCKING NASTY! Galumpkis on the other hand are absolutely delightful.
The story behind this culinary masterpiece is nothing short of legendary.
Some poor ass eastern European person decided it would be a good idea
to take the families dead house pet, some grain, and a tomato and
stuff the shit out of a cabbage. That’s  not a good idea, that’s a GREAT idea.
Galumpkis are fucking awesome! If they are cooked properly you don’t even
taste that bitter cabbage taint. Nobody likes taint, but everybody should love Galumpkis.
If you have never eaten stuffed cabbage get on it!

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